Monday, November 26, 2012

Free Write Revenue Streams

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Freely Write Your World

Are you seeking a way to earn extra income writing online?  Do you find Publisher programs like Adsense, Chitika and Infolinks to be intimidating?  If so you should check out and get paid to write.

Bubblews pay their members to write freely online without needing to join Publisher Programs to get paid.  You simply join Bubblews, fill in basic information, then you write your way to earning extra income online.

Bubblews platform is user-friendly too.  It's easy to learn how to navigate throughout the website.

1)  Register For Free - 60 seconds or less to create an account.

2)  Adjust Your Preferences - Customize your profile and check out your bank.

3)  Write and Submit - 15 different categories to choose from.

4)  Spread The Word - You write and your bubblew gets published.

5)  Get Paid - You will get paid for every view, comment, like/dislike and social media shares for every post that you ever write on Bubblews.

6)  Make Your Name - Every Bubblews you write stays on your profile.


If you're an article writer or a blogger, you can use Bubblews as a form of backlinking and at the same time create a stream of extra income.  Most of my Bubblews speak about my blogs, websites, videos and pictures and at the end of each Bubblews I place a URL link backlinking to the original article, blog, video or picture.  I help direct traffic to my work and at the same time earning extra Bubblews income.

Another form of backlinking using Bubblews is that I backlink each Bubblews I write to Pinterest.  I upload or create an image to use on each Bubblews I write then I upload the image to Pinterest and connect the Bubblews URL to it.  I've been using this form of backlinking technique and noticed an increase to my Bubblews daily income earned.


2013 Update

I started this blog to create a Hub to store my bubblews articles and of course to promote the bubblews free opportunity to earn extra money online.

I've watched bubblews have their ups and downs and learned a lot watching a new website expand.  Bubblews had to expand their servers to accomodate the rush of new members who joined but they made it through and now the website runs smoothly and fast.

OK, this is simple.  The links below are to bubblews articles I wrote during the past few months.  I hope you enjoy them and if you decide to join, don't forget to connect with me so I can connect with you.

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